Wireless Research Lab

Department of Electrical and Communication Engineering
Indian Institute of Science
Bangalore - 560 012

Our research goal is to undertake and advance
research in the area of Wireless Communications (PHY Layer)
and Networking (Higher Layers)

Large-MIMO: A Technology Whose Time Has Come!
See our journal articles on large-MIMO: IEEE JSTSP'09, IEEE JSAC'2008
See our conference articles on large-MIMO:IEEE ITW'2010, IEEE ISIT'2010 (1), IEEE ISIT'2009 (2), IEEE ISIT'2009 (3), IEEE ICC'2009, IEEE GLOBECOM'2008, IEEE PIMRC'2008, IEEE ISIT'2008, IEEE ICC'2008

See our large-MIMO presentation slides Here

Research Topics

Design and Analysis of CDMA Systems
  • Interference cancellation
  • Multicarrier CDMA
Diversity Techniques in Fading Channels
  • Symbol Mapping Diversity
Energy Conscious Communications
(Protocols) in Wireless

Cross-layer Designs in Wireless Networks

Co-operative Diversity in Wireless Ad-hoc
and Sensor Networks

Last Updated April 2015.